Best PCD Pharma Company List in India

The pharmaceutical industry in India is a sector bursting with growth and opportunities! If you’re exploring options in pharma franchises, you’ve probably come across the term “PCD” — Propaganda Cum Distribution, and might be looking for the best PCD pharma company. These companies are pivotal in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products across diverse regions. As you seek to connect with a pharma company, it’s important to understand just why this industry has taken off so impressively in India.

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The pharmaceutical sector in India is not just thriving; it’s one of the fastest-growing segments of the healthcare industry. With advancements in medical science, increased healthcare awareness, and a robust demand for quality medication, there’s no better time than now to get involved. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or expand existing operations, partnering with a best PCD pharma company can open doors to numerous benefits and extensive market reach.

Here, we will talk about what makes a franchise medicine company tick and reveal our list of 11 best PCD pharma companies to partner with in India.

What is the working model of the Best PCD Pharma company?

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    The pharma franchise model is usually appointed by the best PCD pharma company under a very different type of business framework, which helps both the franchisor and the franchisee. Basically, this model allows individuals or small businesses to function under the massive umbrella of an established pharma company. This will enable you, as a franchise owner, to have the exclusive rights for selling the company’s products and distributing them in an area with full support through its brand reputation and product portfolio to be able to carve your success story.
    This is a symbiotic relationship-developed model, wherein the franchisor provides products and brand names with associated support, while the franchisee conducts the sales and distribution at the local level. Both parties are in a win-win scenario. The franchisor extends its market without incurring all local distribution-related overheads, and the franchisee gets the benefit of working with established products rather than running the risk of starting from scratch.

    What are the key points to understand about this model?

    1. Deals with Low Investments and High Returns

    A franchise with the best PCD pharma company is usually the most inexpensive to start as compared to the opening of any full-scale pharma company. Hence, it attracts many upcoming entrepreneurs.

    2. Exclusiveness of the Territories

    Many a time, the franchise owners are given exclusive rights to sell and distribute in a particular region, thereby avoiding unnecessary competition and increasing profit potential.

    3. Marketing and Operational Support

    Major leading PCD pharma franchise companies are known to provide extensive support in matters of marketing, advertisement, and even product training on their range of offerings.

    Why to invest in the best PCD pharma company and What are the benefits?

    Partnering with the best PCD Pharma Company offers loads of benefits for your business success in the highly competitive pharma market. These companies not only provide the tools and support needed for growth but you are also given an edge over the competitors in your area.

    1. Monopoly Rights

    You get exclusive monopoly pharma franchise rights to sell and distribute products in your designated area, which means less competition and more control over your business environment.

    2. Range of Products

    You can use a wide array of products with the assurance that you are able to cater to the various needs in health care, making your business versatile and competent enough for the market.

    3. Delayless Delivery

    It is an important part of reliable service that includes timely delivery of products. The best PCD companies will have efficient logistics to ensure that the products are available with you at the precise time, facilitating smooth business.

    4. Research and Development

    Such companies would always be investing in R&D to ensure that they are updated on all the emerging trends and developments in healthcare. Thus, with them, you will not fall short of any new and highly effective products.

    5. Secure Packaging

    Proper packaging of goods ensures safety and preservation while in transit. The best companies will ensure that items are well packaged, reducing the risk of damage and loss.

    Also, please refer to our sorted list of WHO-GMP certified top 5 products PCD pharma franchise list of companies in India to elevate the success of your pharma business today!

    List of 11 best PCD pharma companies In India Under Different Segments

    Here is the list of the most popular and reputed franchise companies in India. We have categorized these franchise companies under different segments only for convenience and thus you can choose the best PCD pharma company according to your needs:

    1. General Care Range/Segment

    Biopolis Lifesciences


    One of the leading firms, often termed the best PCD pharma company for general care products, is Biopolis Lifesciences. The company is among the well-known franchise medicine company that assist pharmaceutical starters. It manufactures various products classified into antiallergic, antibiotic, antifungal, gastro-range, psychiatry, vitamins, and minerals, cardio-diabetes injectable entire range of gastro, cough/colds, and many others. With attention to the needs of patients, the company strives toward the enhancement of the quality of life.

    2. Dental Care Segment

    Aclivia Healthcare

    Aclivia Healthcare is one of the leading companies in pharmaceuticals related to dental care products. The company itself is more than 15 years old, thus holding quite a prestigious position in the medical industry. It manufactures syrups, capsules, tablets, injections, etc. relating to general medicinal use by people. They have all the certifications like ISO, GMP, and WHO that further enhance the credibility of the brand and shortlist the company as the top dental PCD pharma franchise company in India. 

    aclivia healthcare

    3. Dermatology Segment

    Derma 360


    Derma 360 is the best pharma franchise company that deals with dermatological issues. It is based in Chandigarh and contributes to the manufacturing of safe and effective products related to almost all skin issues. This makes them the best derma franchise company in India. The categories in which they deal are oral anti-acne, oral anti-parasite, depigmenting and fairness agents, hair products, oral anti-fungals, oral anti-infectives, multivitamins and multiminerals, oral antibacterials, oral antihistamines, topical anti-acne, topical immunosuppressants, topical anti-scabietics, topical anti-bacterial, topical anti-fungals, etc. The company is ISO-certified and follows the safety regulations laid down by the government. You should contact in case you are looking for a PCD pharma franchise that deals in derma.

    4. Ophthalmology


    Winvision is the best pharma franchise company offering ophthalmology products as their team of healthcare professionals works at the core of the problem and comes with innovative products related to an ophthalmic range. In that respect, they have become the best ophthalmic PCD franchise. They have inhouse storage units due to which there is never a delay in the delivery of products. It is because of the efforts of their hard-working team that they stand at top in comparison with other ophthalmic pcd pharma franchise companies. So, if you want to start your career and are looking for a pharma franchise of ophthalmology then get in touch with the team at Winvision today.


    5. Respiratory Segment

    One Air International

    One Air International is one of the leading respiratory PCD companies in India. We are into the manufacturing of respiratory health-related products. Our formulations include respules, dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, tablets, nasal sprays, syrups, soft gel capsules, and hard gel capsules, to mention but a few. We have a research team that really studies the problem from its root and then comes out with quite effective medications. Well, as a respiratory product franchise, we follow all the norms set by the government so that only quality medicine reaches the end users. We also have our own manufacturing facilities that get cleaned and sanitized regularly, thus making us the best PCD pharma company in this segment.

    6. Gynaecology Segment


    If you’re searching for the best PCD pharma franchise company showing attention to gynae-related problems, then no one is better than Gynopolis. This pharmaceutical company deals with problems relating to infertility, PCOS, UTI, menstruation, etc. within the reproductive health of women. They hold an extended portfolio of products in their arsenal which makes them the best gynae pcd franchise. Gynopolis offers syrups, capsules, tablets, sachets, etc. to treat problems associated with a woman’s reproductive health. With the cutting edge technology in the manufacturing of their products, they have become the best gynae PCD pharma franchise. If you were looking for more lucrative deals related to gynae franchises, connect to their team.


    Another leading gynecology PCD company is Winfertility. Geared toward manufacturing products of international standards, they are always ahead of any gynecological pharma franchise at the moment. Incorporation of treatment for male or female infertility, the management of PCOS, IVF range, and supplementation, etc. are some of the long lists for which one gets the rationale for training opportunities among aspirants desirous of partnering with them for PCD pharma in IVF. They franchise for women’s reproductive health so that every house gets the joy of starting a family. The packaging of all the products that come under a Gynecology franchise division is quite decent and pretty attractive.

    7. Cardiac Diabetic Segment


    Cardiopolis happens to be one of the most popular cardiac-diabetic PCD companies in India. This company manufactures products related to cardiac and diabetic issues. The products they deal in are of high quality and, simultaneously, very reasonably priced. This house works on the principle ‘Your Heart Deserves the Best’ and leaves no stone unturned in manufacturing effective products. A bundle of advantages comes along with their cardiac-diabetic PCD franchise, including exclusive monopoly rights with marketing collaterals. Not only are they manufacturing cardiovascular health-related products but are also working on making people aware of this segment.


    8. Ayurvedic Segment

    Best Herbs

    best herbs

    Since people are shifting interest towards the holistic way of life, demand for Ayurved medicines is increasing increases. Best Herbs is an emerging name in the herbal PCD franchise that manufactures and supplies products related to Ayurveda, which is the ancient form of medicine. Such constant efforts put in by their team made Best Herbs get the status of an Ayurvedic pharma franchise. The company has its own state-of-the-art, facilitated manufacturing unit that assures optimum quality in the products produced. Being the best pharma franchise company for herbal products, they ensure that all of the products are in accordance with this very traditional method of making medicines.

    9. Veterinary Segment


    Vetpolis is an extremely well-known name in the vet pharma industry. Being a veterinary pharma franchise company, they have more than 200 veterinary pharmaceutical products in their range. They deal in feed supplements, veterinary injections, cattle feed, veterinary bolus, veterinary calcium supplements, etc. They have used only original ingredients in all their formulations, and the storage units are its own, therefore the products get delivered on time. Vetpolis will be the best pharma franchise company that keeps your livestock and pets in the right state of health and provides them the best healthcare facilities.

    vetpolis life sciences

    10. Pediatric Segment



    Pediazone belongs to the top 10 pediatric PCD companies in India. They deal with medicines targeting the health concerns of kids and children. They surely are professionals in their field, dealing with a diversified category range including drops, syrups, gummies, injectables, etc. The company basically works on the ethical pharma franchise business model. Thus, all of its products have ISO and GMP certifications, again proving it to be one of the best pediatric PCD pharma companies. They believe in the health and happiness of little ones.

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    That’s a wrap! These are some of the top pharmaceuticals franchise companies in India that offer a wide range of products and multiple other benefits. Each one of them is the best PCD pharma company in its own segment, thus offering all the support that you require to make your pharma business a success. If you are looking for a reputed and trusted pharma franchise company dealing in respiratory products including metered dose inhalers, nasal sprays, and more, then One Air International is the right choice for you.

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