Caring for your Respiratory Health During Cold and Flu Season

India has a rapid changing weather, after every few months the weather changes. During this changing weather our respiratory health can be affected due to various seasonal factors, as our body tries to adapt and adjust to new weather conditions. Our body becomes vulnerable to certain health problems like cold and flu in this changing weather. People who are already suffering from some other diseases have more chances of having respiratory problems. This is why it is important to manage respiratory problems and maintain our overall health, as respiratory illness can negatively affect our daily life and productivity.

Tips for Managing Respiratory Symptoms:

Taking proper rest: We should allow our body to relax, as when we provide proper rest to our body, it helps in increasing our immune system’s ability to fight back infections and lowers our body’s chances of suffering from respiratory problems. Taking proper rest is a very important factor in our daily life, as it helps improve our immune system.

Proper hydration: Water contains various minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron, which can help boost our immunity. Approximately 60% of our body is made of water, so staying hydrated is very important. A person should drink enough water, herbal teas, and fruit juice, as it helps in keeping our respiratory tract hydrated and helps in easier breathing.

Breathing exercises: Practicing respiratory exercises can bring a great change in your health. Respiratory exercises are beneficial in many ways. Exercises like deep breathing, and chest physiotherapy, can help in improving your lung function and also provide better flow of oxygen. Practicing these exercises in your daily life can overall improve your respiratory health.

Practicing hygiene: Some habits like, regularly washing your hands with proper soap and water can decrease the chances of getting respiratory problems or getting infected with cold and flu viruses. When we adopt good habits in our daily life, it brings positive change in life. Eyes, nose and mouth are the entry points for viruses, so constantly touching them should be avoided.

Inhaling steam: Steaming is a very helpful thing. Inhaling hot water steam from a bowl helps a lot in relieving the body of breathing issues. Steam inhalation can provide relief from nasal congestion for quite some time. Using a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint can ease the congestion and also provide some extra benefits.

Signs and Symptoms of Respiratory Problems

People having respiratory problems often have trouble breathing or get trouble receiving enough oxygen. Respiratory problems that are related to cold and flu can vary from person to person, as every person has different immunity. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of respiratory problems so that you can figure out the treatment as symptoms can make a person uncomfortable. Some common symptoms may include:

  • Sneezing
  • High breathing rate
  • Severe coughing
  • Chest blockage and congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose and nasal congestion

Treatment options available for Respiratory problems

The treatment options for respiratory problems vary from patient to patient. Healthcare providers decide the course of treatment for your condition on the basis of reports and diagnostic results and start the treatment accordingly. Some common treatment approaches for respiratory problems include:

Medications: Steroids, antiviral medications, antibiotics, and some other medications are also required to manage respiratory problems.

Oxygen therapy: For individuals who have severe respiratory issues, they may have to administer extra oxygen.

Allergy shots: Allergy shots are sometimes recommended to people who have serious allergies to reduce reaction to specific things.

Breathing exercises: You learn various kinds of breathing techniques and exercises, which improve the breathing capacity, in this treatment option.

Surgery: Sometimes a person has tumors or issues in the structure of the respiratory system, due to this surgical interventions can be necessary to treat this.


Managing respiratory health during cold and flu season requires extreme measures. Following proper hygiene, staying hydrated, and getting enough rest can help improve our respiratory problems and minimize their impact on our daily life. You should visit a doctor, if there is no improvement in your health or if you are experiencing uncommon symptoms.

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